It is an online marketplace that is part of Fynnex Company Limited Our primary goal is to offer you a seamless shopping experience like Amazon’s. We hope that you will enjoy shopping with us. Not only do we have the colossal power of Amazon behind us but we also adhere strictly to their code and conduct as part of our commitment to excellence. We offer a variety of products, including electronics, computers, components and accessories, mobile phones, iPads and tablets, and communication. Office equipment and accessories. Kitchen equipment and appliances. Wearable tech.


Fyne Chuku

Executive Director
He brings with him more than fifteen years of hands on experience from the construction and building industry. Fyne Chuku moved to London, following the achievement of his higher national diploma from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He has undertaken a variety of further training and management programmes in the industry. Notably, this includes The Construction Industry Training Boards’ Management, and Health & Safety courses. This ensures that the work carried out by Fynnex Company Ltd is done safely, and of quality in line with UK standards.

Quish Ani Chuku

Technical Director
He has worked in this industry all his life, and has a wealth of experience to draw on. He has studied at various technical schools, colleges, and universities, both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. As well as the technical expertise gained from his extensive education, Quish Ani he brings with him vast knowledge and practical experience gained from previous involvement in a variety of builds and projects.

Tony Williams

Director of Operation
Tony has also worked in the construction industry for most of his adult life. This has given him a lot of practical experience to draw upon, as well as impeccably developed organisational skills. This allows him to deliver expert co-ordination of both manpower and technical acumen.